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september, 2014

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    • Sun-Thur: 11am – 11pm
    • Fri-Sat: 11am-Midnight
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    • 6900 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33139
    •  786.615.2870
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    • LOTS: Both lots directly behind the restaurant
    • STREET: On the street (free after 6pm)
    • CHASE BANK: In the Chase Bank lot after 5pm

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september, 2014

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We LOVE To Host Events!

Birthdays, Company Dinners, Bar Mitzvahs or any other occasion..
To Book An Event, Please Contact us at info@viaverdimiami.com


Our Team

Cristiano Vezzoli
master mixologist/owner

Fabrizio Carro

Nicola Carro

“We began this journey three years ago with the goal of bringing the taste and sensibility of northwestern Italian cuisine to America.”

About Via Verdi Cucina Rustica

Our Inspiration

We always wanted our lives to involve food; this was what inspired us since we were children. Our interest revolved around researching food products, understanding their origins and the evolution of cooking in Italy, Europe and worldwide. So when imagining a new dish, we always take into consideration all these variables. However our aim is not to stupefy visually but rather to satisfy the palate of those tasting our cuisine.


This is a very special place because in a small area you encounter the magnificent Alps of Piedmont, the fragrant Mediterranean Sea in Liguria and the vast plains of the Po in Lombardy. We are from Alexandria and exactly in the center of the triangle; 90 km from Milan (Lombardy), Turin (Piedmont), from Genova (Liguria). In this epicenter, the uses, habits and differing type of cultures and traditions converge and coexist. In our cooking we try to give an order and different vision of the art of cooking, while still combining the practicality of the products found especially in the mountains and amongst the smells of the sea. Our kitchen emphasizes Monferrato’s uniqueness to always produce excellent wines and truffles.


Our kitchen is not only about research and handling of products, we maintain organization, discipline and a strong pace. To bring the tastes and smells of Monferrato the U.S.A. also means that we need to train a local staff to prepare the kitchen with the same values and find the right product. After arriving in the US and evaluating the particularities, our results were born as the restaurant Quattro. The success of our vision is seen in the number of patrons that continue to dine and frequent our location. As our goal is to satisfy the palates of those who dine with us, we believe we have been able to meet the public’s taste by having been able to replicate an Italian restaurant with the innovation, tradition and good habits of the origins in Italy that define us.


Thinking about a new project means selecting local products with the quality and consistency that define our cuisine. It means selecting, training and organizing a new staff that will need to reflect these local Monferrato values to our guests. We offer to the market quality dishes that are a result of cultural traditions established over time in a country that is constantly reinventing itself every day.


Listening and reacting to the sensitivity and comments decreed by our guests is something we take seriously. We understand that there is a need for each individual depending on their personal situation and perhaps even as detailed as to that particular moment. This is something we understand as chefs and are constantly listening to who that person is, what they are searching for and how this can help us elaborate and develop our menu.

Food helps us feel good on the outside and this goes on to reflect on the exterior, we want all our guests to be satisfied.

Returning to Our Origins

Striving to reach the right balance of ingredients and final products are the culmination of a long search that will forever continue. Upon achieving this superior level we know and believe we can never stop improving and our constant attention to the product and market. For this, our origins in Monferrato have provided us with such a privileged place to have begun our culinary research that continues to reveal its age-old traditions through the unique tastes and smells we in turn provide to our guests.

Ready to experience Italian?

The Via Verdi team is shaking things up in the MiMo Miami area.

If you prefer, you may send us an email  (info@viaverdimiami.com)
or give us a call  (786.615.2870) and we will be happy to book your table.


Delivery Available

Limited to the MiMo District only. Minimum order of $40.



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